4 Upcoming Technology That Will Happen By 2050

Life is going very fast. Lots of unexpected things happening around us every day. We don’t have enough time to do things in this modern world. Every thing is computerized, so we carry little computer in our pocket i.e mobile phone. It looks like modern technology is at its highest point. But this four coming technology will blow your mind by 2050.

4 Upcoming Technology That Will Happen Very Soon

No. 1 Automatic Cars

Automatic self driving cars are not very popular right now as it is only its developing phase. But experts says by the year of 2050, 60% of the world will use this cars. It will become the most profitable industry of that time. It will reduce the road accident by 15%.

upcoming technology

No. 2 Human Robots

We already know that robots are smart enough to do any work. Now a days robots are designed to look like original human. Though its a controversial issue, but sex toys are designs to look like original humans. Upcoming technology will change the way people love. Many company is already working in making this robots. By the year 2050 this robots will play a major role in the world.

Upcoming technology

No. 3 Artificial Body Parts

This is one of the best thing we can see in upcoming technology. This innovation is for the man kind. Buy the year of 2015, most of the body part can be replaced by an artificial limb. This will increase the average life span of a human.

upcoming technology

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No. 4 Upcoming Technology Can Travel You In The Space

This is the future of upcoming technology. Now common people can travel the space by 2050. Though it is very expensive but if you have that money, you can.

upcoming technology

Let me know in the comment section which you find is the best.

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