7 Pics of Miss Pakistan Ramina Ashfaqua Will Melt Your Heart

Miss Pakistan Ramina Ashfaqua deserve the tittle of Miss Pakistan world because of her beauty, dressing sense, attitude and hotness.

Miss Pakistan


After winning the tittle she express her happiness with a hot dance. Also she said “I couldn’t stop moving from the second I put this romper on till I took it off. Fringe is so much fun 😁💃🏽 .
Sound on 🎶 🔊”

She proves that Pakistani girls are not behind any more, they can compete with any one in the world.

She spent her young age in the United State of America. She was very stylish from her young age and she took this glamour industry seriously.

Miss Pakistan Ramina Ashfaqua

Modeling is not the only thing she do. Her hobbies are painting, water sports and traveling.

Below are the best 10 photos of Miss Pakistan Ramina Ashfaqua that can make you fall on love with her.

#1. She loves water sports and we can see it. She is having fun in the worlds most beautiful see beach Miami.

#2 This is another example how much she loves water. She looks just outstanding and super hot in this photo. A beauty queen wearing hot yellow bikini in Jamican water fall.

#3 This photo shows how well she maintain her body shape. This is a swimsuit competition.

#4 She representing Pakistan in front of the world. One of the proud moment for her.

#5 The beauty every one can die for.

#6 She posted the picture with a life lesson, saying “Be thankful for what your are now, and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow.”

#7 Miss Pakistan asked a question to her fans.

“I think I’m going to go shorter with my haircut. I’m starting to like short hair now. What do you guys think?”

If you want to see more hot photos of her, then follow our facebook page.

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