Best Android App- Drawing something using Gravity

Have you ever thought of drawing something using Gravity instead of using your hands?
Download this Best Android App named Gravity Canvas

best android app

This app will let you draw on the screen just by tilting your device in various directions. When you open the app a color droplet will appear on the screen which you can move by tilting the device and as you tilt the device the color droplet will be pulled by gravity leaving a trail of color behind. You can draw shapes of various kinds just by tilting the device appropriately.

Download this physics based app to enjoy drawing with the help of Gravity.

Be creative and have fun with this Best Android App!!

– Change color, size and speed of the color droplet.

– Save drawings in app gallery.

– Share your creativity with others via social apps.

Please Note: This is not a professional painting app. This app lets you draw things in a fun and creative way without using your hands and only using Gravity.

Master pic created using this best android app Gravity Canvas.

best android app
best android app
best android appbest android app
 Download the app from play store and be creative. Your kids will love the app. Give them a chance to have fun with this new painting app.



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