Funny Cricket- Dhoni’s Funny Bowling Instruction

Cricket is a serious game but sometime we are able to see funny cricket too. The first thing comes in our mind when we think of cricket is Dhoni. Without Dhoni we can’t think of Indian cricket team. Dhoni is also know as captain cool due to his quit and calm nature. No need to say that Dhoni took the crickt so seriousy. But very few people know the funny side of captain cool.

Funny Cricket Comments

In this video you will find, Dhoni is not only funny, he is claver too. During a match against South Africa, Dhoni is giving instruction to his bowlers. He is using words like”Danda” instead of “Wickets”, so that African will not understand.

Constantly encouraging his team. This is the back side what we can’t see on TV.

Watch the full video and let me know what you think about this funny cricket in the comment section.



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