Funny Girl Dries Underwear Under AC Vent In A Flight

Funny girl or a foolish girl? A recent video of this funny girl, taken by a mobile phone went viral. In a flight from Turkey to Russia, this girl took her underwear and hold it under the AC vent.

funny girl


It is very common to see unwanted things happening publicly every day. Some of them are just beyond expectation.

This is the perfect example of such an incident.

A Funny Girl Drying Up Underwear in Flight

The passengers are shocked by watching this girl. She use to hold her underwear under the AC vent for 20 minutes.

Even she don’t bother what other passengers are thinking of her. Even this girl is not at all nervous or hesitate by doing this.

This video got over one million views in one week.

Also shared by every social platforms like facebook, twitter, redit etc.

Watch the full funny video:

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