How To Help Homeless People In India For Free

We all are very lucky that we have a roof on our head. But have you ever imagined the life of the homeless people in India sleeping in the open street, without any cloths, money or even food to eat. When you are trying to buy high speed internet, homeless peoples are struggling to buy one time meal.

Homeless People In India


I know this article will not change the whole word. But if, only you get my point and help a homeless people in India, then I will get my price.

Donating money is not the only way to help the homeless people. If you want to help them then there are lots of free ways to do so. Today I am going to show you four ways you can help a homeless without spending money.

Homeless People In India Need Cloths

This is one of the thing we all have in our house.  Checkout your room, you will find lots of old shirts,pants, socks, hand gloves, caps etc and all of them are useless for you. Don’t just through them in the garbage. There are homeless peoples, who don’t have a singe piece of cloth to wear in this winter. You can help them by giving your old cloths, so that they can survive the cold windy winter.

Offer Excess Food

Homeless people in India are struggling to have one time food. But No need to say that lots of people waste lots of excess food every day. From a big marriage ceremony to a small house party, foods are wasting every where.homeless people in india You can save the food and give it to the needy people. After your lunch or dinner, save the excess food. If you are in a party then ask the host not to through the excess food. Make a small team with your friends and collect the excess food, reach out the street and feed a homeless. This will cost you nothing, but can give you so much happiness you can’t imagine. You can also donate the food to a charitable organization, or to some NGO that offers help for the homeless people in India.

Offer Your Old Books

Education is the only way to eradicate poverty. Education will help children to improve their knowledge. Education will bring lots of opportunity in front them.

homeless people in india

You can donate your old books to the homeless children. You can also collect books from your family members, neighbor, relatives. Opportunity to get basic education will be a great gift for them from you.

Homeless People In India Need Jobs

Why the number of homeless people in India increasing day by day? Because lack of jobs. So you can offer them a job. Remember no work is small, you can offer them any job. It can be as a driver, as a security guard or anything else. When they will get a job, they will have money. They can at least rent a room, buy some food or buy some cloths with that money.

This article is to increasing the awareness of common people about the life of a homeless. We are trying constantly to improve the living of street peoples. Follow our work on our facebook page.

Also you can contact us directly if you are interested in charity.

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  1. Awesome thinking.. we really want to help people..
    But a medium is necessary… if you take the responsibility then we can contribute something..


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