Kolkata Street Food – What Should I Try?

If you are in Kolkata then you need to try the Kolkata Street Food. You can enjoy various types of foods without spending lots of money. Here in Kolkata street foods are so delicious and can satisfy all category of people by its test.

No matter if you are a vegetarian or non vegetarian, you can find all types of food.

Kolkata Street Food for Non Vegetarians

If you are a non vegetarian like me, then Kolkata can offer you lots of delicious foods. My number one non veg Kolkata street food is “Tandoori Chicken”.

Tandoori Chicken

You can’t imagine how delicious it can be. Its so spicy and you can’t stop yourself from buying a second one. Cooked with spices of Bengal.

Price: For a full tandoori chicken, Rs.250-300 or $3.89-4.67

kolkata street food

Kolkata Street Food for Vegetarians

If you are a vegetarian and want to try some different thing, then you have lots of options. Kokata offers you lots of different snacks and chaats.

Cake Ice Cream

Yes you have heard it right, cake ice cream. It is so unique as its name. When you bite on it, it fees like a sponge. But from inside it is so soft and creamy. You can choose different flavors like chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch etc.

Price: For 1 piece, Rs.30-50 or $0.47-0.78

kolkata street food

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