MTV Roadies Xtreme – Latest Episode (2018)

MMTV Roadies is back with the latest season named “Roadies Xtreme“. No need to say it is one of the top reality show in the country. This is the 16th season of this show, first being released in the year of 2003. Lots of changes happens every year. Last year we can see Rannvijay as a gang leader. But in Roadies Xtreme we can see Rannvijay Singha in the top post. This year the gang leaders are Neha Dhupia, Prince Narua, Nikhi Chinapa and Raftaar.

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Audition of Roadies Xtreme 2018

In this season, gang leaders can’t choose contestants in their team directly. Contestants need minimum three votes among the four gang leaders to go to the discussion level. Selected candidates will be divided equally to the gang leaders. Roadies Xtreme gave Rannvijay a special power. Rannvijay can give two votes at a time to a contestant, if he think the contestant was very strong. This power can be a game changer in this season.

First episode of this season was out and it was just epic and exciting. We can see the team leaders are pushing the contestants to the extreme level.

It is very entertaining to see how the gang leaders are puling legs of the over smart contestants. In this season, it is very hard to impress gang leaders.

Roadies Xtreme Shocking Moments 1st Episode

In its very first episode we can see some shocking moments. Gang leaders are testing the extreme level of the contestants.

Sacrificing Hair

This is one of the most unfortunate task for a contestant. But this proves how badly they want to become a Rodie. But do you think this contestant deserves this kind of task? Let me know in the comment section below.

Strong Girl Preeti

In this episode we can see Preeti is squatting with Prince in his back. It strongly shows how powerful she is.

Strongest Core Muscles in Roadies Xtreme

I have never seen this type of strong core muscles in my entire life. Nishkarsh impressed every gang leaders with his core power. Did he impressed you also? He is likey the strongest contestant in Roadies Xtreme.

Most Flexible Body

Strong body is not the only thing we can see in Roadies Xtreme, we can see some flexible body too. This 19 year old young girl already melted lots of hearts with her flexible body and achievement in life.

We can see lots of drama already happen in the very first episode. But this are the only trailers. More excited things are on the way.

Special power of Rannvijay and new gang leader Raftaar can be a game changer. Lets see what coming in the next episodes.

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